Capturing Shea pt. 1

Shea is from a small, secluded town called Klienville. She is surrounded by two of her closest friends, when her life begins to unravel before her eyes. Who will be able to help Capture Shea?


Shea Johnson, is a 25 year old African American female who loves to spend time with her loved ones, hang out with her friends, read a good book, work out and play sports. She’s about 5’9, 145 lbs., she has an athletic build, dreamy brown eyes, deep coal -black curly hair, and beautiful caramel-like brown


She was the star athlete back in her high school days. She climbed the popularity pole quickly leading her school to 3 championship rings in basketball and a Semi- Final Championship appearance in softball. She’s never been one to be denied of anything. Her parents made sure to give her everything she wanted; From the lavish sweet 16 party to her first, second, and third cars.


Her parents were extremely wealthy thanks to good investing and a will that left her Dad well off for the rest of his life. Shea always knew she would inherit some of the loot, but she just never knew when. On her 18th birthday, she waited for the moment her father would have presented her with the information to her fund; however, Mr. Johnson only informed her that there was a stipulation to her receiving the money her grandfather had left.


Here she was 7 years later, and she hadn’t even started on the requirements to get the money. Without the help of her parents, Shea had blossomed into a very successful young lady with high hopes of living her life as she wanted to, without someone dictating to her what she should do and when.


Shea always had a love for photography. She used her skills to become one of the best photographers in Klienville. Which, it wouldn’t really take much to be the best at anything in Klienville. With a population of about 9,000 people, everyone was a local favorite. However, Shea worked very hard to gain the trust of her town. She would take pictures for just about any event, or person for free in the beginning. From there, she was able to reel in different photography contracts with many of the social clubs in town, Klienville elementary school, and the local nursery.


She would also get booked for intimate events like baby showers, weddings, High School Senior pictures, and many other things. She would always take pride in her photos; Especially those that were out and about in the town. She loved to capture the beautiful scenery in Klienville. She knew how to capture the most beautiful moments rather they were off guard or not. She took extreme pride in her work.


She also offered free photography classes every other Saturday Morning. When she wasn’t shooting those picture perfect moments, she hung out with her friends. Shea, Jason, and Kayla had been friends since elementary school. They all still resided in Klienville and had become local favorites. Jason worked at his father’s law firm, but he was expected to take over the company any day now. He had a rather impressive track record in the courtrooms.


Kayla landed a job with a small production company in town. She’s does a lot of videography and editing. Her job also leaves the door open to meeting all kind of new people. She’s always flying out of time for the latest red carpet event, party, or some other lavish event. She would always come back home though. She and Shea grew up together over on South Charity St. They would always play together after school as kids, their bond never diminished. Although the two were nearly the same person, shared the same interests in hobbies, books, favorite color, but there was only one thing that they differed between them. There interests in men.


Kayla loved the guy with the fast cars, the jewels, the money, and occasionally the wife. She wasn’t really big on monogamy. She loved to play the field and experience the different men that life would magically send her way. Most times she would go for the guy that seemed to be the most happily married. She would get some sort of thrill out of being able to actually pull a guy away from his family.


She enjoyed taunting men with her medium complexion, long black hair, slim build, and seductively standing at 5’10. Her breast would fall out her shirts and work their magic, while the men would get mysteriously lost in her gray eyes. She had the body of a model, and men flocked at her runway.


Shea on the other hand, would rather take her time and develop connections with a man. She wasn’t the least bit interested in a man’s bank account status, what car he drove, and married men were definitely not her thing. She was more concerned with the goals and intents of a man. She wanted to know that a man had a certain drive that he wouldn’t get bored along the journey of life. However, her methodology of getting men lately, would always leave her on the dating websites, looking for the next prospect.




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Author: KaeJaye Xpressions

I am a 2010 Mass Communication and Journalism graduate (BA) of Southeastern Louisiana University. I am also a 2016 English and Creative Writing Graduate (MA) of Southern New Hampshire University. I value words like no other. Words seem to pour out the depths of my soul of which I as a human have not yet dared to venture to. I appreciate pen, because it reaches beyond the boundaries that have been set by my more humanly self. I'm in love with paper or a blank screen, because it is the most beautiful canvas ever created by man.

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