Early Mornings

Kennedi slammed her hand down on the alarm clock that abrasively awakened her from what seemed to be the best sleep she had in about 2 weeks. She raised her head off of the pillow, glanced at the clock, it read 03:00 am. Instantly she felt a sense of anger as she realized she still had a few more hours before work. “Why the hell is this damn thing going off so early,” she asked herself.  She didn’t remember setting the clock. She stumbled across the room to the bathroom, found her way to the toilet, and took a morning leak. While sitting on the commode, she scratched her long, black and honey blonde streaked hair. She reached to the tissue roll, “dammit, where’s the tissue?” She just sat there. When she thought the coast was clear enough for her to go to the linen closet, she did just that. She reached to the top shelf in search of tissue, she found one roll.

She made her way back to the commode and continued to wipe herself. “I know I won’t be able to go back to sleep now. “ She decides to shower and try to get some work done.  She reached into the shower, turns on the water. Within a few minutes the steam from the hot water has completely fogged the glass shower doors.  She faces the water, allows it to consume her face and hair. Eyes closed, her thoughts immediately go to the chaos of a couple of weeks ago.

As Kennedi stood in the kitchen, right over the sink, gazing out of the window, she heard Marc talking to her. “I’m sorry Marc, this just won’t cut it. I’m beyond frustrated and tired of all the gimmicks. I’m not really built for all this extra stress.”

Marc look at her knowing she’s about to call things off. “Kennedi, turn and look at me! I can’t talk to your back; let me assure you there aren’t any gimmicks. I just want to be with you babe. I’m not really sure where all of this is coming from. I don’t know who is behind this but it’s crazy babe. These allegations are so far from the truth!”

Kennedi turns around slowly, tears in her eyes.  As much as she wants him to be the one, she’s having serious doubts. “Marc, these damn text messages keep coming in! Random fuckin numbers are texting me, saying you’re being with so many of your little whores! This has been going on for months now. I can’t take it anymore!!” She yelled at the top her lungs. She held a coffee filter in her had that was literally about to hit the floor from her hands shaking.

“Kenn, please  believe me! There’s no one else. I want you.”  He walks over to her. Reaches to touch her face…

She drops to the floor.



Author: KaeJaye Xpressions

I am a 2010 Mass Communication and Journalism graduate (BA) of Southeastern Louisiana University. I am also a 2016 English and Creative Writing Graduate (MA) of Southern New Hampshire University. I value words like no other. Words seem to pour out the depths of my soul of which I as a human have not yet dared to venture to. I appreciate pen, because it reaches beyond the boundaries that have been set by my more humanly self. I'm in love with paper or a blank screen, because it is the most beautiful canvas ever created by man.

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