Instinctly Blind Aren’t We

Learning to trust self will allow for trusting relationships

Sometimes We Are Willingly Blind

 Things aren’t always as they seem, right? Too bad it isn’t always clear what to accept at face value and what maybe has underlying concepts that may not equal to face value. Everyone isn’t blessed with a sixth sense. However, that little thing called instinct, why do we always go against it? 

Why didn’t I follow my first mind?

Why didn’t you? Why do we always secind guess ourselves when we know we are the only one we can trust.Why don’t we ever trust our gut instinct? Self doubt can cast tremendous choas within our thought patterns which in turn cause us to see,believe, and suspect things in a different light. 

We have to work on rebuilding the trust within ourselves in order to begin rebuilding and mending our day to day relationship with our instincts. 
Todays thoughts

Self doubt casts many horrid emotions and lethal thought patterns to our day to day relationships. Follow your  by  implementimg self trust. If you can’t trust yourself, who else is there?

Author: KaeJaye Xpressions

I am a 2010 Mass Communication and Journalism graduate (BA) of Southeastern Louisiana University. I am also a 2016 English and Creative Writing Graduate (MA) of Southern New Hampshire University. I value words like no other. Words seem to pour out the depths of my soul of which I as a human have not yet dared to venture to. I appreciate pen, because it reaches beyond the boundaries that have been set by my more humanly self. I'm in love with paper or a blank screen, because it is the most beautiful canvas ever created by man.

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