Meditation: Day 1

Good Morning Loves,

I began my meditation challenge on Sunday evening. I want to make a log of the difference in my disposition and my over all feeling after morning/night meditation. Well, Sunday I tried something that was quite exhilarating. Like I’ve mentioned before, meditation and how you approach depends on the person.

I was doing some reading on different types of meditation when I thought about the different nature sounds that evoke tranquility for me. I love watching water. It gives me such positive energies and calms me tremendously. I stumbled across an article focused on water mediation. The author suggested that one would meditate while taking a bath.  This was quite interesting being that for most of us, that’s the only time we are genuinely alone for more than 5 minutes without chaos.

Many of us light candles and “relax” while enjoying the quiet. So why not use this time to stimulate balance and inner peace. That’s exactly what I did. While in the tub I had some soft nature sounds playing and I focused solely on my breathing. Those ten minutes where the best ten minutes I’ve experienced in a very long time. I felt so free! So renewed. So cleansed!

After that I was just a bubble of energy and delight. It was good to feel that way. I haven’t enjoyed such delight in a while. It amazed me that this could be achieved from ten minutes of alone time.

So, while in the tub, embrace your self. Become one with the water and let your worries, stress, negative energy wash off and drain out of your soul. It’s worth it trust me!


-Kae Jaye-


Author: KaeJaye Xpressions

I am a 2010 Mass Communication and Journalism graduate (BA) of Southeastern Louisiana University. I am also a 2016 English and Creative Writing Graduate (MA) of Southern New Hampshire University. I value words like no other. Words seem to pour out the depths of my soul of which I as a human have not yet dared to venture to. I appreciate pen, because it reaches beyond the boundaries that have been set by my more humanly self. I'm in love with paper or a blank screen, because it is the most beautiful canvas ever created by man.

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