Well, Lets see. Where do I begin? I’ve been a creative writer for as long as I can remember. Since a child, I’ve always picked up a pen and expressed my feelings through p10151260_10100904623215124_279621593_naper. I was never one to outwardly discuss my feelings, there for I have a box full of old journals that I kept. Whether it was through normal journal entries, poetry, or short stories, my feelings were always better developed through paper.

Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Now I have developed this craft into something quite interesting. I’ve received raving comments on all creative pieces I have written through out my  Undergraduate and Graduate careers. As my Capstone, I began on a project that I am very fond of. I cannot wait to be able to give more details on it in the future.

However, I can’t deny the genre of writing that I originally began this craft with. I’ve written many journalistic style articles as well. Most of which are evergreen, feature pieces. You can definitely check out one that really moved me here.

So this blog, what will it entail? Who knows? As of now I’m focusing on my fictional writing and trying to develop deeper characters, plots, and reader connections. Im also trying to get my work read so that I may build a fan base. We will see what happens.

Here’s where you come in! In the comments, tell me your favorite genre that you love to read and why.


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