Artistry By Means of Words


Why is it that after you’ve removed yourself from situations or people that you seemed forced to (or you’re expected to) read between the lines? 

After a recent breakup, I’m sure there are feelings that are still hovering around for both parties. However, there’s always the one person that feels as though they have to pretend their feelings aren’t still there. This one person always expects the other to read between their exterior defense mechanism. 

Why is this? What’s the problem with letting your feelings show if they’re genuine for that person? Espefially if you both know that the current situation you’re in isn’t really what you both want. 

I’ve overcome the need and want to hide behind my feelings. It took me years to discover that hiding behind my feelings only made things worst for me. My attitude would be so horrible for no reason to those who didn’t quite know me. Frankly, I began wanting better for myself, so I released. 

Now at first, I was releasing without a care in the worls about other folks feelings. So a lot of folks were hurt by things I said or did. I had to find that balance to where I would be free of harbored feelings and others would be offended by what I stated. 

This was yet another reason I began my meditation journey. I gave up trying to read between the lines of things and unknowingly forced folks to say what they actually meant by not participating in any mind games. 

Once I located an equal balance in myself, this was very easy to do. I no longer cared about the feelings of others and how they refused to show them. This was annoying one person so much that she began asking me how to find her zen. 

I chuckled. This was something I couldn’t really explain to her. I couldn’t help her with this. Finding that balance is something one has to desire to acheive on their own. 

I’m just happy that I decided to do so because I was on such a destructive path without finding balance in myself. No more reading between the lines for me. Either direct your feelings for me towards me or just leave me be. Either way, I’m happy with me!! 

Meditation: Day 1

Good Morning Loves,

I began my meditation challenge on Sunday evening. I want to make a log of the difference in my disposition and my over all feeling after morning/night meditation. Well, Sunday I tried something that was quite exhilarating. Like I’ve mentioned before, meditation and how you approach depends on the person.

I was doing some reading on different types of meditation when I thought about the different nature sounds that evoke tranquility for me. I love watching water. It gives me such positive energies and calms me tremendously. I stumbled across an article focused on water mediation. The author suggested that one would meditate while taking a bath.  This was quite interesting being that for most of us, that’s the only time we are genuinely alone for more than 5 minutes without chaos.

Many of us light candles and “relax” while enjoying the quiet. So why not use this time to stimulate balance and inner peace. That’s exactly what I did. While in the tub I had some soft nature sounds playing and I focused solely on my breathing. Those ten minutes where the best ten minutes I’ve experienced in a very long time. I felt so free! So renewed. So cleansed!

After that I was just a bubble of energy and delight. It was good to feel that way. I haven’t enjoyed such delight in a while. It amazed me that this could be achieved from ten minutes of alone time.

So, while in the tub, embrace your self. Become one with the water and let your worries, stress, negative energy wash off and drain out of your soul. It’s worth it trust me!


-Kae Jaye-

The Ailment

The ailments of something unknown broke the body.

In an instant everything hazy down to the very last sacred moment. 

Wonders of regret and inconsistent pleasures of momentary love. 

Yet the pleasures outweigh the regret, whether for a brief moment in time or life.

The body fights to call put for that solace,

No reply. 

Then and there it was noticed, living without that solace is a slow and painful death.

Not only to the body, but the sould captured within. 

Nothing can surpass the love of twin flames. 

But without that solace, the flame is dead.

Just like the body, succumbing to the ailment.

Just like the soul without a body.


Cleanse Your Soul: Meditation for Beginners

“The BIGGEST hinderance in life that we never see, is self-doubt.” -KaeJaye

Meditation is a self-healing art designed for one to find inner peace and relax the mind. It can be very useful in finding a central place for tranquility and relieving stress.

The Mind

We battle our own central intelligence all day long. We are constantly thinking about things that have happen and/or will happen. We also question ourselves about situations on a constant basis. Especially if you’re an over-thinker like I am. We tend to make assumptions about things that sometimes never really exist or we automatically assume the worse about certain situations.

These thoughts cause tremendous stress on not just our minds, but our bodies as well. This in turn causes us to lose sleep, which makes us cranky and unpleasant to those around us.

Finding Solitude

Taking a few moments out of the day to “center ourselves” around calmness and allowing that calmness to consume us and  will empty our minds of  toxicity.  This helps us to become more rational in chaotic situations. It also helps us to be happier and in tune with ourselves and our daily relationships.

Allowing one on one time with our minds aids the healing of not only our souls, but many stress related ailments like neck pains, shoulder pains, muscle tension, etc.  These are all ailments that can contribute to our harsh dispositions when battling daily life. Relieving ourselves of these toxins, heightens our self-awareness. Finding a moment of solitude is vital to our self happiness and self-healing.

Traditional Meditation

It’s suggested that we spend 10-15 minutes of the day in silence, sitting in a position that allows our minds to be clear. This position is usually on a floor (yoga mat), legs crossed, shoulders and elbows apart, weight balanced, palms up with our thumbs slightly touching,and backs straight.


Our eyes are to be half-open and our heads slightly tilted forward to keep our focus and minimize brain activity. We simply focus on our breathing (through our nostrils) for the allotted time.

Modern Meditation

This includes soundtracks of either guided meditation or musical accompaniment. Though I wouldn’t suggest playing Jay Z or Lil Wayne to meditate, but a very tranquil soundtrack would suffice. This type of music can be found on iTunes, Google Play, and even YouTube.

Find yourself  or create a mediation play list of your liking. Make sure the sounds are soft, tranquil, and promote an atmosphere of calmness.

An example of this music can be found here.


Who can meditate?

Anyone can participate in meditation. You just have to make the time and exert your energy in a positive manner. Most importantly, you have to be able to put everything else out of your mind. At least for 10 to 15 minutes.

When can I meditate?

Some people prefer to first thing in the morning, before starting their day. Others would rather in the evening after a long day full of stressful events. It pretty much depends on the person and what works better for them.

I’ve recently began meditation, and I’ve  been really stressed out for the last 5 and half months. So beginning today, I’m doing a meditation challenge. I’m trying to meditate for at least ten minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes before bed. My intent here is to start the day off with a calm mind and cleanse it after the day’s activities.


I’m using meditation as a way to better my temperament and relieve stress levels. So far, so good. Don’t forget to exhale, love.