Artistry By Means of Words


She grew weary, awaiting the moment a true love connection would find her. She became lost in her fear; the fear of someone wanting to love her beyond the scope of beauty. She gave way to the seemingly hopelessness she felt, recollecting the failed attempts before. She became blind, to the outstanding love one had to offer. She couldn’t seem to acknowledge the genuine as, nor grab hold of the unending desire. She couldn’t grasp one placing their heart in her hands, she trembled in fear of unworthiness. She became unsettled and the thought of a forever type of love rattled her soul to the heavens. Then She woke up!



Just A Ramble

Living up to the ideology that those around you have of you can be a very overbearing amount of pressure. Trying to balance the reality of who you are and what you are conflicts with the person they believe you to be. How do you push through without conforming but still trying to please both yourself and others?

YOU DON’T! Although most of try our hardest to do so, it’s impossible. Not even to mention how UNFAIR it is to yourself. Be true to who you are, what you are, and those who matter won’t mind the truest depict of you. If they do mind, toss them. They aren’t for you. Some may even try to change you, don’t get lost in the shuffle thinking you’ve lost yourself. STAY STRONG . STAY TRUE! STAY YOU!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!!!! I hope your day has been filled with a tremendous amount of love. I pray that your families were well and that you expressed your gratitude to them in ways that granted smiles to their souls.

It has been one rough year for me! From deaths to deaths of relationships and friendships. However, I’m beyond thankful for the life lessons along the journey. Sometimes it takes a little Hell to appreciate the good moments that offer us a glimpse of heaven.

So for all that I’ve lost,I’m thankful. For all whom I’ve lost, I’m thankful. For every ounce of hurt, I’m thankful. For every act of betrayal, I’m thankful. Without these moments, I would have never learned to see folk for who they really are. I would have never been able to appreciate the sincerity of the folk who genuinely want to be apart of my life. I would have never been able to appreciate the acts of loyalty had I never been betrayed in such a manner that I have been.

I’m forever grateful for the things, friends, and loved ones that didn’t work out. They’ve all taught me valuable life lessons. So to you my loves, never drown on what was, what could have been, nor what should have been. Reevaluate, gain your lessons, and keep it moving.

Remain humble and stay true to yourself. Let those who matter to you know it, tomorrow isn’t promised. For those who don’t matter, they won’t mind being left behind.

Don’t forget to exhale loves❤️.


Six Word Story Sunday- Goodbye

No more goodbyes, good fucking riddance!!!